Dear beloved friends and conscious creators,

Welcome to *Lakshmi House Sanctuary*! With beautiful ambience and solid space energy, here is a truly loving place for rest and rejuvenation, authentic conversations, deep connections and conscious community support.

We believe in supporting and empowering a community of integrious and impactful facilitators & modern urban people in raising consciousness and vitality with excellence, professionalism and style!

Our intention is for people of diverse backgrounds and circumstances to come together under one roof in creating together something magical and beneficial for all of us. To co-create a more mindful, more human and more purposeful society of today. To bring more happiness and fulfilment in people’s every day lives.

Let’s do it together.

Let’s support each other.

Let’s share love.

*Lakshmi House*, YOUR space to rent for workshops, private sessions, sacred ceremonies and urban retreats.

Things you can do at Lakshmi House

Women Circles

Kirtan Evenings

Tantra Workshops

Conscious Ceremonies

Weekend Workshops

Inner Dance / Inner Guidance

Sacred Birthday Celebrations

Bridal Ceremonial Parties

Baby Showers


Meditation Classes


Yoga Classes

Private Coaching and Healing Sessions

Massage Therapy


And Many More


♥ 20 meditation cushions

♥ 14 yoga mats

♥ 2 bean bags

♥ 1 massage table

♥ 1 professional stereo system (with microphone)

♥ 1 bedroom (for out of town facilitators)


Email us at lakshmihouseasia@gmail.com

Infinite LOVE and LIGHT to everything that you are and everything that you are becoming.

In gratitude and joy,

Lakshmi House Team