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Unmasking myself…  This is my story…

For more than 15 years I’ve travelled the world searching for answers.

Deep down, I always knew the answer lay within, but it took a lifetime of hard lessons for my mind to catch up with my heart.

One of the biggest lessons came when I left the Soviet Union hoping to fill the void created by a broken home and a culture that told me women shouldn’t have ambitions.

Craving security and love, I moved to Zurich then New York and got married.

I thought it was the answer to all my problems. But as the years went by, I found myself trapped in a challenging marriage.

When the marriage fell apart, I was broken, depressed and suicidal.

Friends looked after me. Through their love, and through surrendering, journaling, studying, meditating (and every self-help modality you can think of) I faced the darkest and most beautiful parts of myself, and came out whole.

Not just whole, but with unwavering tranquillity. It was as if the journey killed me and I was born anew.

I found my deepest truth and the well of power that drives all things: opportunities, love, career, influence, passion, inspiration.

By finding peace and connecting to my spirit and truth, I set myself free.

Now my only mission is to help others do the same.

Another big lesson came three years ago I started my first coaching business. Wanting to do it “right” I attended business seminar after business seminar to make it a success.

That lead launching YanaTV, a series dedicated to conscious living. In a way, it became its own entity. It became bigger, faster, and glossy – and it got to the point all I could think was…

I need to strip it all away

I started a business because I wanted to have freedom and make a difference. Yet in reality, I was working 24/7 while going further and further away from the original focus to make a difference.

Sometimes we find ourselves in places and don’t even know how we got there.

It didn’t feel right anymore so I consulted my Higher Self and went to India.

It was there I woke up with the answer to my questions. I knew the universe was inviting me to move deeper into my truth.

Rebirth is part of my process – it’s a process I guide my clients through as well as a process I personally embrace. I believe giving ourselves permission to rebirth and let go of what no longer fuels us is essential.

It’s an experience I’m grateful for and one I hope to support others in.

Today I keep things simple and unfiltered – I travel to remote and mystical places, sometimes sleeping on the floor for days at the time, other times on pilgrimages or beautiful retreats. Glossy is only half the story.

What is me is constantly pushing boundaries, living with an open heart, helping people to discover their own power and master their calling in life.

Lifechanging isn’t an exaggeration. I gained so much from my experiences that I want to hold space for your breakthroughs and transformation too.